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from wicked thoughts

(02 January) taking up space : much overdue review of dr. pattie thomas's book

(30 June) fat media update number two : a book review! basically.

(06 April) fat girl store : shockingly, media coverage of off-the-wall obesity issues is out of touch with reality.

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from edge of the season

(02 January) i'm jean valjean : There are ways musical theatre has permeated my life deeply, and ways it's simply rote memory. It's there everytime someone likes to propose a toast and I think "to Maureen's...

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voodoo dollhouse - a rare find - free porn featuring round women in a non-"look at the circus freaks" way - plus, all subculturey

porn conspiracy - small network of gender and size inclusive alt-porn; basically net porn that doesn't suck

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