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Welcome to redpolka.org. This is (as if it weren't obvious) a personal site, simply a collection of my things. Navigation is located above you. And to your right.

This site is divided into a handful of primary sections, which include: art (snippets of art and design work I've done), weblog (aka wicked thoughts, political and social commentary), journal (my personal journal, edge of the season, dominated by memories), about (the general info you're reading now), and exits (nearly three hundred links covering all of the above areas and then some). Most of the site is updated fairly regularly.

Redpolka.org is the rebirth of what was once wickedpersephone.org. Alas, poor site, I knew it well! Nothing significant in the site's content has changed since its former name and incarnation.

The new name doesn't have a long history. It's just an idea with a lot of potential meanings and readings [Say the "dot" aloud. Or don't.] that I found somehow right.

As for the design this time around - well, again, it's something that made sense at the time. It's sort of sisterhood and revolution. Cartoon and propaganda. Serious and deeply silly.

All the graphic work was (rather obviously, really) created by me. The red riotdoll is vaguely a self-portrait, and the combat boots were my boyfriend's idea.

Enjoy. [Er, and if you're confused, or just need to talk, you can email me: dot @ redpolka.org.]

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