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I suppose the death of my last site is as good an occasion as any to sit down and write myself a new bio.

So, here. New bio.

I'm April. I'm an artist (actor), a feminist, a fat chick, something of a leftist, an amateur web designer and a political late-bloomer. I'm in my late twenties, and didn't get really involved in any sort of activism until well after college.

I maintain this website because. Because you're reading it. I remember a time when debate and figuring things out didn't involve the internet, but it was a long time ago.

Someone once described me as "belligerent but charming". It's apt.

Contradictions. I identify as queer and have been in a relationship with a man for years. I identify (slightly) as pagan, but I'm also a confirmed atheist. I am beautiful, fabulous, smart and fun. And plagued by self-doubt (who isn't?).

I don't do sports (though I love to watch baseball). I dance. I dye my hair. I drive a car I've had since graduating high school. I like cats and dogs. I want to love my job; my career (I'm a project manager) is important to me - and I'm working on that. If I could choose any single job, I'd start and manage a fund that gave people money to use art and pop culture to make the world actually better.

I'm an art and culture snob. I love idiotic romantic comedies and nearly any miniseries ever released by A&E or the BBC.

Most of my shoes are black. At least half of them are some sort of mary jane. I have small feet, and I like independent country music (like Neko Case, Amy Allison, Kenny Roby, others listed in my links section), British synth-pop, bands that rip off Weezer, and a collection of old standards I've picked up along the way.

I tend to wax nostalgic and revolutionary. I'll do that a lot here.

And if you'd like to know more, you can check out 100 things about me.



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