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This site was newly born on March 28, 2003. And again on April 6.

The site is actually nearly three years old. It's a rather short long story.

This new domain was inspired partly by an old Animaniacs sketch [Polka, Dot?] and partly by a lifetime of consuming Bauhaus-style design and WWII-era propaganda. I'm not a communist (or even a socialist), but the implications of RED to me include politics, revolution, even. Maybe I've just seen Les Miserables a few to many times.

What is a red polka? Whatever you see in the name, you're right. It's supposed to be a little deeper than "red polka dot", but, like anything worthwhile, it doesn't have just one meaning.

All the images on this site were created by me, by hand, on my laptop. There are three fonts in use: New York (big type, a classic Mac font), Verdana (sans-serif type) and Courier (most of the content text); I have a habit of using all three of these fonts - I'm just very fond of all of them.

The doll images were inspired by bathroom door signs. The text stylings were actually somewhat inspired by the opening credits to "Will & Grace", a television show I don't even really like. I've recently become fascinated with subtle variations on typeface; it's coming up everywhere in my design work.

This iteration was, as always, designed on a Macintosh. The site is hosted with Dreamhost [formerly Spiderhosts, but I've wised up - this girl won't take a beating and come asking for more], and most of the content is maintained using Moveable Type.

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