I know you find me fascinating, but you can only spend so long in one place.

So here are the places I visit. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for coming.

activism [22]
I consider activism a requirement of good citizenship. These sites are some of the ways I stay informed (for more fat and feminist activism, check out those categories).

arts [37]
Local arts organizations and interesting resources; links I collect tend to focus on theatre and dance.

books [24]
A collection of books I highly recommend, on a variety of subjects. I encourage you to buy from your local independent bookstore if you can.

daily reads [26]
Not exactly "daily", but these are the sites I visit whenever I find the time. Mostly others' blogs and personal sites.

design [17]
Web design resources for any level of skill. Designers I personally admire and drool over.

education & parenting [13]
Sites that touch on learning theories or advocate educational reform.

fat [31]
Resources for people of all sizes, especially large. News, activism, shopping, blogs and communities.

feminism [54]
An assortment of my favorite feminist resources: zines, personal and political sites, ways to learn or take action.

folkloric dance [35]
educational material, shopping, costuming, and generally cool stuff related to middle eastern and polynesian dance

general politics [10]
political-leaning sites that aren't as directly activist as the activism section, and that don't belong anywhere else

health [12]
Health and fitness resources that don't fixate on dieting and exercise as punishment. Really, you don't need that stuff. (Also, see the "fat" category for more excitement)

journals [74]
Personal sites I admire from afar (the ones I like, but don't have time to read often enough).

language [6]
Text, etymology, translation & clever little gadgets for playing with your language.

miscellany [1]

music [36]
Bands, labels, record stores and funky clubs. My musical taste tends towards alt-country, indie pop, and the occasional seventies rock throwback.

portals [10]
Sites with lists of more sites. Independent portals are some of the most exciting places to get lost on the web.

religion [13]
You call it myth, I call it religion. Stories, anthropology and the history of people trying to figure things out.

sexuality [18]
Porn for the people. Sex education. Queer politics. Other stuff.

shopping [32]
Fun, mostly independent, places to shop and window-shop. All places where I have shopped (or at least drooled).

travel [20]
Funky places to stay, eat and be cultured along the eastern seaboard.

Also, if you've been linked and quoted and you don't want to be, by all means drop me a line. I mean only to express appreciation for your fabulosity, not to abuse your words.

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